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Wallace Monument History
Wallace Monument History
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The Wallace Monument near Stirling has this statue of the hero. This is another 19th Century image. He is clearly depicted as a handsome man - according to the taste of the 19th Century.

The memorial is on top of a steep little hill overlooking the beautiful countryside near Stirling. There is a quaint wee shuttle bus to carry tourists to the top and back down again. But most people prefer to walk down through the woods. Today, Wallace does a great public-relations job for Stirling. Tourist figures at the National Wallace Monument went up by 156 per cent in the year since Braveheart hit the screen, with nearly 40 per cent of visitors saying they were there because of the film. Christine Brownlee, the manager of the monument, told me of two elderly American ladies who saw Braveheart on a Tuesday night in Boston, caught a Wednesday afternoon flight to Glasgow and by opening time on Thursday morning were on the doorstep, all set to toil up its 246 steps, in spite of jet-lag.